Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim Squirrels Money Away

Duped by misinformation spread by a pro-UMNO blog, BN Simpang Renggam MP Liang Teck Ming, accused Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament last Tuesday of having RM332 million  stashed away overseas supposedly in some 20 bank accounts. If only Anwar had used this wealth to bankroll GE13, Pakatan Rakyat might have won the election! 

When challenged to repeat the allegation outside the House where he will not be given immunity from the law Liang told The Malaysian Insider on Friday that he will not repeat the charge, and therefore, casting aspersions on the so-called "revelation". 

It just goes to prove that Liang is a yellow belly, a lily liver and a gutless invertebrate! 

Last Saturday, I was at the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting to present my CC speech #8 this time it was generously laced with humor! The title of my speech was "Women: You Can't Live Without Them"! It was a close call because I developed the speech content just as the meeting began. It was a good one so much so that I was not only voted Best Assignment Speaker but fellow Toastmaster Yip See See suggested I use this speech for the upcoming Humorous Speech contest. Something for me to seriously think about, I guess. 

The meeting was top-notch because there were many luminaries who graced the meeting names like Yip, Philip Wong and Joseph Gomez as well as the stalwart MIMKL members like Richard Hoy, Dr Arthur Robinson, Geoff Andrew and others. I am awarding this meeting a score of an 8 over 10.

Thereafter, I went to the Open University Malaysia main campus in KL's Jalan Tun Ismail because I had promised Lee Meng Tze to be the General Evaluator for the OUM Toastmasters meeting. I observed that members were pretty laidback and worse, we started the meeting twenty-one minutes late. There were only seven attendees and not unexpected;y, the meeting quality suffered. We only had three Table Topics speakers, one assignment speaker and two evaluators one for Table Topics and the other was me playing a second role as Speech Evaluator. I am giving this meeting half a point over 10 and knowing that there are vast rooms for improvement. 

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