Monday, May 13, 2013

UMNO not racist, says Najib Razak

On Friday, Najib Razak rigorously defended his party UMNO from accusations that it is a racist party amid public furor over Utusan Malaysia’s attack on the Chinese community and described the BN lynchpin as “moderate”!

If working with Perkasa, brandishing a keris to threaten the non-Malays and labeling the Chinese as “pendatangs” (immigrants) and Indians as “kelings” (a derogatory term) – are examples of “moderation” – this explains the state of English in this country today! Not only that, but we can only ridicule Najib because again, he demonstrated stupidity that is beyond comprehension.

“We (read, UMNO) are not a racist party, we are a party that is moderate. We have been serving other races for a long time,” Najib had said.

The second statement was targeted at his BN underlings. Meaning, UMNO serves all and so there is no need for the likes of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and the others to stay put in BN.

And he couldn’t resist not attacking DAP. He claimed that DAP’s racist politics had prevented BN from winning more seats in GE13. Of course, he would say that, wouldn’t he? But he was actually hiding the real meaning of his pronouncement. What he meant was that he couldn't fathom why when his under-performing BN members (and not excluding UMNO) which were happily manipulating racial and religious issues to put fear in the electorate – Pakatan Rakyat, including the DAP secured even more votes. He just couldn't understand it at all! He had fixed the votes in many constituencies. He had liberally greased nearly everybody with his handouts – what more do Malaysians want? Didn’t ex-Malacca chief minister Ali Rustam said that the Chinese were ungrateful?

BTW, Najib should be reminded again that whilst DAP did well in GE13, it is worth remembering that 51 percent of eligible Malaysians voted for the Pakatan Rakyat bloc – even if the ballot paper showed PKR, DAP or PAS symbols only.

Celtic confirmed their status as champions on the day they received the SPL trophy with a stroll-in-the-park performance against St Johnstone on Saturday. The former wasn’t brilliant but it still didn’t stop them from knocking in four goals past the latter.

Joe Ledley claimed the opener from 20 yards after James Forrest had played the ball back into his path (2). Then, a Charlie Mulgrew free-kick from the edge of the box evaded everybody and nestled in the bottom corner (36). Forrest contributed the third when he fired a 16-yard drive low into the far corner after being sent free by Gary Hooper on the break (51). The SPL winners finally added to their tally when Frazer Wright powerfully headed a Mulgrew corner in the wrong direction and into his own net (90).

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