Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two Ministers and a Deputy Minister

Once you have finished reading about these three ministers, I bet you will get an instant panic attack because you become aware that the future of this country is in the unsafe hands of not just the incompetent Najib Razak but these idiots who are members of his “transformational” cabinet.

In an interview with The Malaysian Insider on Friday, Paul Low, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department openly.admitterd that he is powerless to fight graft. This hollow hypocrite had the cheek to say it and yet he had no qualms to accept the ministerial position! Low's (supposed) integrity just jumped off the building to commit suicide!

Then we have the newly-appointed Home Minister Zahid Hamidi in an opinion piece published in Utusan Malaysia on Thursday telling disgruntled Malaysians who cannot accept the GE13 results to leave the country! We are not blaming the "first past the post" method; it's the gerrymandering, stupid! So, don't insult us!

Not to be outdone, another opinion piece by the Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan, which appeared in the same paper one day later, had told off Anwar Ibrahim and PR that they should not “sodomize” their knowledge when claiming they should form the government based on the percentage of the popular votes obtained. According to this opprobrious character, the laws of the country determined that the winner of the general election was based on the number of seats won and not the popular votes. We already know that our electoral system is seriously flawed, but we object to the inappropriate use of the verb that was obviously offensive!

What is it with Najib’s ministers? If their intelligence is non-existent and their sensibilities severely suspect, what kind of Malaysia will we see this next 5 years? I am living in fear.

Last Thursday, Sunway University Toastmasters went to Taylor’s University for a second joint meeting. [We had our first joint meeting two weeks ago at Sunway University]. Though we started fourteen minutes late, it was still a good meeting because more than sixteen of us from Sunway came to this meeting – certainly, the support for our club remains strong. There is another reason to celebrate because our club president, Dr Nagiah Ramasamy delivered his CC speech #10, thereby completing his Competent Communication manual. I am looking forward for him to quickly start his Advanced manuals. Overall, I would give this meeting a 4 over 10 score.

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