Friday, May 17, 2013

Students Protest Against Election Commission

It is not just the Chinese lah who are against BN but even university students! It is time for UMNO and their BN minions to wake up! Change is already here but we must complete the unfinished work. Shall we? Will we? Dare we?

Yesterday morning, Unilever Malaysia’s Marketing Director  came to Sunway University to deliver a guest lecture in my MKT2024 Marketing Management class. It was about the Sunlight campaign in Indonesia and I am sure my students benefited. I did too. Herry Budiazhari can certainly make a good corporate lecturer. It is always refreshing to listen and learn from marketing practitioners rather than from academicians who teach from textbooks.

Two of the video clips that were screened as part of the lecture include:

And this non-Unilever commercial too – Nike’s “Find your greatness”:

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