Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sin Chew Misleads

On Wednesday, former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin incredulously suggested that the DAP should join BN to ensure Chinese representation in the Cabinet.

Then, on Friday, one Chinese newspaper started to do mischief when it front-paged the headline which read “Lim Kit Siang: Can have coalition government with BN”.

This caused many DAP supporters to get upset with DAP’s Lim because those who merely read the headline had the impression that he supported the idea of the party joining BN.

But there was a sub-heading too that accompanied it. It read: “Condition: Accept PR’s election manifesto”.

Lim scolded Sin Chew, telling the paper that it should exercise caution to ensure that its primary headline does not create misconceptions. He reiterated that he totally rejects the idea of DAP combining forces with BN and replacing MCA. As Lim explained, “… our objectives have always been to fight for the rights of all Malaysians and never just for the Chinese”.

Wasn’t the DAP censured for being a chauvinist, communist and a “kafir harbi” all this while? Wasn’t the DAP accused for attempting to turn Malaysia into a Christian state and mortgaging the “Allah” word? Wasn’t the DAP denounced for duping voters during GE13?

So what gives? The trickery won't work. And besides, DAP won’t be UMNO’s dog! Not now, not ever!

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson donned a skirt and a full face of make-up on a special 6-hour Perth to Kuala Lumpur flight on Saturday night after losing a bet with AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes two years ago.“

As an AirAsia X’s flight attendant, he has to comply with our grooming standards and that includes shaving his legs, donning high heels, putting on some makeup and slipping into the AirAsia’s famous red uniform,” said the winner of the Grand Prix wager.

Branson gamely performed the "job". “I’ve done some outrageous things in my time but this will be up there with the best of them," Branson said before he boarded. “I’ve just got to practice walking in high heels first”.

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