Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RAPP's Insolent Political Ads

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The Star newspaper (amongst other mainstream media) has been carrying full-page advertisements that attack the opposition.

One ad depicts a rocket shooting into the sky only to reveal the PAS moon logo in its wake, with the message: “The power behind DAP is PAS. First their flag. Tomorrow their fundamentalist principles?” Another ad reads: “A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS” alluding to the danger of voting for DAP because its partner PAS is Islamic. Why is MCA and by extension, The Star demonizing Islam?

RAPP, a communications company owned by Foetus International, has come under scorching fire for creating the series of insolent political advertisements for the BN and MCA in particular. This drew so much flak from netizens that more than 1,500 of them have signed an online petition calling for advertisers to stop the fear-mongering and it also targeted Naga DDB, the parent of RAPP to stop this malicious ad campaign..

“The ads look like they are designed to cause anxiety and fear that the Chinese would lose their culture and education if they vote for DAP,” Masjaliza Hamzah, from the Centre of Independent Journalism (CIJ), told The Malaysian Insider. Of course, Malaysians know that the ads lie.

[Naga DDB chief operating officer David Mitchell had since clarified that RAPP is a separate company from Naga DDB, related only by their common parent, Foetus International].

Still, one should not be shocked by the ads that are plainly hostile and viperous. Foetus Group Chairman is Vincent Lee, who is also Executive Deputy Chairperson of Star Publications (M) Bhd – the wayward owner of The Star, which in turn is majority-owned by MCA. Need I say more?

The clients of RAPP Malaysia and Naga DDB must be made aware of the inappropriate and incendiary ads that were conceived for MCA. Better still, if Lee is asked to step down to take responsibility for the rabble-rousing that is menacingly irresponsible.

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