Thursday, May 9, 2013

Post-GE13 Protest Rally

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Last evening at Stadium Petaling Jaya, a post-GE13 rally to protest against the election results was held there. A Malaysiakini report put the crowd size in the stadium and including those caught in traffic jams all around Petaling Jaya trying to get to the venue – at 120,000, thus making it one of the biggest rallies in recent times.

I couldn’t attend because I had a prior commitment but as I left Damansara Perdana yesterday at 9:00 PM plus, I was almost immediately ensnared by the massive traffic. Yes, I too can attest that the whole of Petaling Jaya was in a gridlock. And the strange thing was that, unlike our normal traffic congestion where drivers become impatient – last night, nobody was really complaining. As far as I could see, people exercised patience and there was no honking even!

Anwar Ibrahim said that he was impressed by the spontaneous turnout despite the rally only being called on Monday.

"I would not quit until we reach Putrajaya, until we expose all (electoral fraud) and claim Putrajaya for the rakyat.

"They deserved it as we, Pakatan, won the popular vote,” he had said.
Yes, indeed! Pakatan Rakyat got 50.3% of the popular vote and BN only managed to obtain 46.8%.

Nurul Izzah made a pertinent point: "The single most important struggle is for us to demand free and fair elections. If we don't realise that, my dear comrades, there is nothing for us to look forward to."

You ought to be there, Najib! Then you can feel the Malaysian anger targeted at you! And I repeat, not just the Chinese!

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