Thursday, May 2, 2013

On the Right Side of History

In a video message uploaded on YouTube on April 30, 2013, Nurul Izzah made an appeal to over five million young voters, who make up about 46 percent of about 13 million registered voters gazetted in the latest electoral roll, telling them to be “on the right side of history” in GE13 and more importantly, to vote for their shared dream for change.

“We grew up together, you and I. You know me, you know who I am, and I know you. Because I am you,” she said, gazing directly into the camera in the 2-minute-15-second clip.

Nurul's request was a simple one  she pleaded with voters to embrace change because “No generation, not since that of Independence, has experienced this much hope for change for a better brighter future. No generation in our history has had this much of a voice, no generation has had this much influence. This generation, your generation.”

On Tuesday, I was at the MBPJ Hockey Stadium where there was a DAP ceramah. Amongst the speakers were Ambiga Sreenevasan, Nurul Izzah, Lau Weng San, Rajiv Rishyakaran, Yeo Bee Yin and Tony Pua. Yes, I believe PR can retain Selangor, come GE13! I reckon there were about 7,000 people there – check out the photos below:


Saiful’s dad (i.e. Azlan Mohd Lazim) changed his mind over his apology to Anwar Ibrahim, claiming that Sodomy II was not a plot after all – according to a news report in yesterday’s Utusan Malaysia.

This reminds me of private eye P Balasubramaniam and his statutory declarations, SD1 and SD2! Oh well, maybe, I should just wait for Azlan’s next retraction.

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