Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not Entirely Sorry

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Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto – that bigmouth whom I wrote about in my post titled "Support for Sexual Enslavement" published May 15, 2013 – made another offensive remark saying US troops should patronize adult entertainment businesses as a way to reduce sex crimes! What he was implying was that the Americans are the culprits for these offences in Japan! Anyway, he has since apologized for the sex slur. But he still refuses to retract his earlier remarks about “comfort women” – instead he re-interpreted his disparaging utterance by saying that Japan’s wartime government did not systematically force girls and women into prostitution. What he was intimating was that the latter willingly became whores. This man should be tarred and feathered for his insulting outbursts.

PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat in an interview with PAS organ Harakah published May 29, 2013 has stated in unequivocal terms: “No PAS-UMNO unity government as long as I’m alive”! That should put paid to those who still harbor the silly notion that PAS should leave Pakatan Rakyat and team up with the flagitious UMNO.

Last evening, I went to Jalan 1/155B in KL’s Bukit Jalil to attend the AFC Toastmasters meeting. I evaluated Hilson Yeap who delivered a “Make them laugh” speech from ‘The Entertaining Speaker’ manual. My evaluation earned me the Best Evaluator award. Besides Hilson who is already a good speaker, I was particularly impressed with another speaker, Eugene Lau who showed a lot of promise. This meeting was enjoyable but I had two complaints. Firstly, it started ten minutes late but what was disappointing was the confession from the General Evaluator who is a member of this club who expressed the sentiment that being ten minutes late is something that members are accustomed to! Secondly, a member presented a 3-minute speech that wasn’t even from any Toastmasters manual. It was labeled a “Special Thesis Presentation” and it called for an open evaluation. How did it get into the meeting agenda? And why was this speech being entertained by the Vice President Education? Overall, I would score this meeting a 3 over 10.

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