Thursday, May 2, 2013

Najib Still Convinced BN Will Win!

Both Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional are organizing ceramah after ceramah in this contest to secure victory at GE13. The photos below are illustrative of the rakyat’s response to these events, but as Anwar Ibrahim had cautioned, mammoth crowds do not necessarily translate into sure votes.

I must add that it is simply not true that PR events are very well-attended and BN events are not. The latter can still see “good” attendance if free food and other goodies are thrown in to induce Malaysians to come. Well, not always!

Unless if it is a Najib Razak show, then you can be sure that he will also receive overwhelming response from adoring crowds. The adulation will be bountiful and the ubiquitous “I Love PM” placards will pop up, as if on cue, right in front of him. The warm reception will give Najib an almighty boost of self-importance and he will bask in his own make-believe world of pretentious pomposity. I won’t even be surprised if he believes that he is more popular than Barack Obama.

After all, his shows are all well-orchestrated. And when you see a sea of BN blue, you become aware that his people have worked hard (and spent a lot of money too) to mobilize members as well as just about anybody to get them to turn up in full force at Najib’s ceramahs (food fests, as some bloggers have described them). If they cannot get the crowds, how can Najib show his face?

Najib is supremely confident! He is convinced that BN will win GE13 with a two-thirds majority. He has repeated it so many times that he cannot believe anything that contradicts this proposition. There is absolutely no room for other sentiments. Let’s be honest – what else can he say? Sure, most Malaysians know it is all a big hype but since when does Najib ever care what others think? He can be staring in the face of defeat this Sunday but I will bet you he cannot comprehend what it means. Defeat is unimaginable because his privileged world will totter and tumble. Amidst the rubble of a ruined existence that revolves around position, power, wealth and Rosmah – he will quietly metamorphose into a big zero. Now that is really scary for Najib!

I am almost sure he is plagued by nightmares every night. The thought of losing surely weighs heavily on him – especially if he glimpses the YouTube videos of PR rallies and sees the massive throngs of people who came near and far. What’s more if he listens to PR speeches that always make more sense than his own empty rhetoric filled with sugar-coated promises that are produced to hoodwink audiences everywhere. That’s why he relies on the mainstream press and the government-controlled television to churn out all that fictional stuff about Pakatan Rakyat being caught in a self-destruct mode and that, come GE13, there can be only one outcome, that is, PR will be wiped out and BN will triumph.

We know Najib is not a bright person, so we shouldn’t have any expectations of him. As DAP parliamentary candidate for Raub, Ariff Sabri Hj Abdul Aziz (aka Sakmongkol AK47) wrote in his blog on Tuesday: “There is a void between Najib’s ears. That is why whatever advice we give, goes into the right ear and leaves through the left”.

Whether Najib suffers from severe intellectual incapacities, I don’t give a damn. Najib is nearly finished. I can’t wait to say to him, good riddance to bad rubbish! Malaysians don’t have to wait too long now – the day of reckoning is just three days away! Ini kali lah! Ubah!

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