Sunday, May 5, 2013

Najib Razak Will Be Gone Soon!

Najib Razak should have started packing his bags:

I am sure Najib has seen the surveys. Pollster Zentrum Future Studies Malaysia did a poll and it shows Pakatan Rakyat leading in 10 states against BN's four in popular votes.

According to Zentrum, PR is ahead in Penang (66 percent), the Federal Territory (57 percent), Kelantan (56 percent), Selangor (54 percent), Terengganu (53 percent) Negri Sembilan (51 percent), Perak (52 percent), Johor (52 percent), Kedah (51 percent) and Perlis (51 percent).

The other party, BN leads in Sarawak (58 percent), Malacca (56 percent), Pahang (53 percent) and Sabah (52 percent).

In its Facebook page on Friday, the pollster claimed that PR is leading BN by 52 percent against 48 percent nationwide. However, popular votes do not directly translate into seats due to widespread gerrymandering.

On the same day too, Merdeka Center's latest poll said Pakatan Rakyat may win 89 parliamentary seats compared to 81 by BN, while 46 seats are too close to call.

Whatever the case may be, I know Pakatan Rakyat will triumph! Malaysians will get back their country this Monday. Ini kali lah!

Setev Shaariibuu is still looking for closure. And he urges Malaysians to vote for justice on polling day, which falls on the eve of his daughter's birthday.  Altantuya would be celebrating her 35th birthday on May 06, 2013 if she is alive today!

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