Saturday, May 4, 2013

Johore Likely to Fall

At Sutera Mall, Skudai on May 01, 2013

At Taman Yayasan, Segamat on April 16, 2013

Barisan Nasional is really edgy about Johore. The state may fall into PR’s hands this Sunday. If you look at the enormous crowds at the Pakatan Rakyat ceramahs and rallies – you cannot but be aware that the winds of change have finally reached Johore. And if the state falls, PR will definitely be on the straight road to Putrajaya!

In fact, outgoing Menteri Besar and BN parliamentary candidate for Gelang Patah, Abdul Ghani Othman is so worried that he decided to take out a full-color, full-page ad – The Star, May 03, 2013, p 5; The Star, May 04, 21013, p 15 – to appeal to Johoreans in particular to continue the way of moderation, or what he refers to as the “Johor Way”. I am sorry to say that there was no moderation in the way UMNO and BN plundered the nation – and this is just one of the many ills infecting Malaysia. I am not even talking about cronyism, nespotism, divisive politics, et cetera. Sorry, Ghani – but there is no stopping the “Change” agenda.

Yet there are apologists like columnist Joceline Tan who is so ignorant that she can even write “Malays see him (Lim Kit Siang) as an ultra Chinese and associate him with the politics of 1969” (The Star, May 03, 2013, p 22, lines 85, 86).

In fact, on Monday, ex-UMNO and former Batu Berendam MP and who is also the second son of former deputy premier Abdul Ghafar Baba, Mohd Tamrin Abdul Ghafar (left) had already made public in Gelang Patah itself that Lim was not behind the May 13 racial riots in 1969. He had claimed that the episode which became a red blot in our history, was orchestrated by UMNO.

Tamrin explained: “What (then home minister Muhammad) Ghazali (Shafie) told Anwar (Ibrahim) and me, when we were in UMNO Youth, was that the incident was a mini coup planned by UMNO men, and that Mahathir was involved.”

He added: “(First prime minister) Tunku (Abdul Rahman) wrote in his column 'As I See It' in The Star two years before he passed away, that the incident was a deliberate seizure of power by UMNO leaders, who then blamed it on DAP and the Chinese.”

Tamrin’s disclosure supports the argument of academician Kua Kia Soong that the 1969 incident was the result of a coup d'├ętat by then deputy premier Abdul Razak Hussein against the Tunku, and that Mahathir supported it.

Joceline was being deliberately provocative. When she wrote about the Chinese crowds at the DAP ceramahs, she made inflammatory statements like “the Malays and those in UMNO (were) stunned, hurt and angry” (ibid, lines 76 , 77) – implying that the Chinese who wish for change are responsible for bruising the feelings of Malays. She is wrong – everybody in Malaysia wants change. Enough is enough!

It is not just Johoreans, but all Malaysians who are standing on the precipice of imminent change! A big change. Certainly, I am confident a new beginning awaits Malaysians. A new government! A new Malaysia!

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