Monday, May 6, 2013

GE13 Results: Update 7

Final result: BN – 133 seats and PR 89. In the last election, BN won 140 federal seats and PR had 82.

At 02:56 AM, BN had secured 133 parliamentary seats to PR’s 87 seats, with 2 more to be declared.

The three states that Pakatan Rakyat has retained – Selangor, Penang and Kelantan – were all won by two-thirds majority: Selangor – PR 44, BN 12; Penang – PR 30, BN 10; Kelantan – PR 33, BN 12.

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim defeated BN’s Nasarruddin M Zin by a 2,994-vote majority to capture the Port Klang state seat in the GE13, which took place yesterday. Abdul Khalid polled 18,591 votes while Nasarruddin who is the Klang UMNO deputy chief polled 15,597 votes.

PKR’s William Leong kept Selayang away from MCA’s Donald Lim (PKR – 52,287, BN – 34,441, Majority – 17,846),

Muhyiddin Yassin retained the Pagoh parliamentary seat with a 12,842-vote majority.

Over in Sabah, Maximus Ongkili survived a scare in the federal seat of Kota Marudu, winning by a slim 842-vote majority in a four-cornered fight.

PPP, a BN mosquito party, failed to secure any of the seats the party contested – one Parliament and four state seats. The same sorry situation as in 2008.

MCA, which contested 37 Parliament seats and 90 state seats, suffered its worst defeat in its history, winning five Parliamentary seats and 10 state seats. It also meant that MCA lost more than 50 percent of the seats it won in the last election. It won 15 Parliament seats and 31 state seats then.

BN was returned to power in Negeri Sembilan with a simple majority – winning 22 out of the 36 seats in contention.

PR grabbed eleven seats and in the process, dented BN’s Sabah armour. At federal level, the opposition pact tripled its parliamentary representation, adding two seats – Sandakan and Penampang – to its original one-seat count.

Sarawak stays as a BN bastion when the state won 25 out of the 31 parliamentary seats.

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