Monday, May 6, 2013

GE13 Results: Update 3

Selangor stays with Pakatan Rakyat. According to DAP, PR has 38 seats against BN’s 18 – winning two additional seats. And PR is also confident it can win back Perak. Unofficial results indicate that PR has won 29 seats.

But PAS will, in all likelihood, lose Kedah as the unofficial count is 14 seats to BN’s 20. The state has 36 seats. Not really a surprise, given that the Menteri Besar is an old fool.

BN candidate and LDP president Liew Vui Keong was beaten by DAP’s Stephen Wong in Sandakan (DAP –14,228, BN – 13,138, Majority – 1,090).

Anwar Ibrahim successfully defended Permatang Pauh. Meanwhile, PAS president Hadi Awang also kept the Marang federal seat.

PAS announces on its website that its youth leader Nasrudin Hassan has defeated BN's Saifuddin Abdullah by a 1,071 vote majority for the Temerloh parliamentary seat.

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