Saturday, May 4, 2013

Air-flown Voters from East Malaysia

Bersih has condemned efforts to fly in tens of thousands of alleged dubious voters and being transported to key battleground states and constituencies. And it is regretable that MAS and AirAsia are in cahoots with Najib Razak and UMNO on this shady stunt.

Staff insiders at AirAsia and MAS have leaked the devastating email interchanges, which lay bare the whole operation with both sets of emails implicating the Prime Minister personally in the extraordinary operation. Interestingly, while all names are obliterated from the MAS emails, the ones from AirAsia show clearly who many of the key writers and recipients of the emails are. They include the Chief Executive Aireen Omar and of course, Tony Fernandes. [Malaysians may remember that Fernandes spoke in support of BN’s Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in the 2008 general election].

In a statement late Friday, Bersih described such efforts as a blatant move to defy the wishes of genuine voters across Malaysia. "The most critical elections in Malaysia's history are likely to be stolen from the rakyat with a series of fraudulent moves on the eve of polling day," Bersih said.

"Bersih urges Malaysians in the strongest terms to come out in record numbers to vote tomorrow.

We ask all Malaysian voters to make an informed decision, on your own free will, about the politicians you can trust and those that you cannot believe any longer."

Bersih also urge Malaysians to cast their votes with full awareness of the travesty of democracy going on.

DAP is not anti-Malay. If you hold on to that fallacy, it means you didn’t know about DAP’s Lim Guan Eng going to prison for a Malay girl. Back in 1994, the then Malacca Chief Minister  Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik was alleged to have raped a 15-year old schoolgirl under Malaysian law, sex with a minor constitutes statutory rape.

Lim who was then MP for Kota Melaka, spoke out against this after the girl’s grandmother-cum-guardian who was also Lim’s constituent, turned to him for help.

As a result, both Lim and the minor received their “dues” –  Lim was jailed for 18 months although he was released on August 25, 1999, after serving 12 months. His jail time meant that he was disallowed from standing for election to public office for a period of 5 years and he had to sit out the 2004 General Election. The girl was given 3 years of “protective custody”. Rahim, because of the rape allegation and pending corruption charges, was forced to resign after a 12-year stint as CM.

Both Lim and the minor didn’t see justice because the Public Prosecutor withdrew the charge, citing lack of evidence. The corruption charges against Rahim were also dropped. Malaysia Boleh!

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