Friday, May 10, 2013

Blame the Chinese Again

Yesterday, Utusan Malaysia is still showing its perverse side – baiting the Chinese again! This time, its front-page headline read “Pengundi Cina jerat diri” (“Chinese voters trapping themselves”) and it even managed to seduce some Chinese stooges to come out in support of its stand.

One dumb ox was Prof Dr Ho Khai Leong, the Chinese Studies Institute’s dean at MCA’s Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman who had allegedly told Utusan Malaysia: “The prime minister has a right to be disappointed with Chinese voters... after he had worked so hard to win over the community through various programmes and aid”.

Perak MCA secretary Tan Chin Meng said the rejection of BN by Chinese voters showed the community was still easily duped. This was to repeat what Najib – the dimwit Prime Minister also didn’t want to let go – said again about the Chinese electorate – that they were misled by the opposition!

Perak Gerakan’s deputy chief Liew Yew Aw was also quoted as saying that Chinese voters had trapped themselves and their future by voting for the opposition parties.

These jerks have forgotten that the general election is about choosing a government. So why do these buffoons persist in casting aspersion on the Chinese again and again? Like all Malaysian citizens, we are exercising our constitutional right. Respect the people’s right to choose who they want. So Utusan Malaysia, Najib and the other imbeciles, just SHUT UP!

On Wednesday, I was at the PJ Trade Center in Damansara Perdana to attend the Gamuda Toastmasters meeting. It was supposed to be well-attended but in the end only 13 staff members came (not including two guests, Meyyappa and I). I was told that the absentee Toastmasters had gone to Kelana Jaya to join the protest rally!

It was a good meeting nevertheless and I would give it a score of a 5 over 10. Some photos of the proceedings:

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