Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Kiss of Death

Just when I thought Najib Razak is excusably stupid but has not plummeted to the depths of total idiocy – he said something on Monday that might just make me change my mind! He described warped Zulkifli Noordin as a champion of Indian issues. In fact, Najib wonderfully managed to convince himself that the Indian community in the Shah Alam parliamentary constituency have accepted the Perkasa veep as the BN candidate for GE13 and will vote for him.  Najib is still hallucinating that Zulkifli can win the seat for BN!

To prove his point, he said the action of a member of the Indian community who approached Zulkifli and kissed him on nomination day reflected the Indian community’s trust on the racist who had supposedly recanted.

I see it from another perspective. Zulkifli’s fate was sealed with a kiss! It was not a display of ‘trust’ as Najib put it, but rather, the kiss of death! UMNO will not only lose Shah Alam but Selangor as well!

Najib’s bizarre defence of the controversial candidate came even as MIC leader S Vell Paari warned last Wednesday that BN was risking the Indian vote. In fact, it has already begun. One hundred and five Shah Alam MIC members quit the party over the Zulkifli issue on Monday (The Sun, April 24, 2013, p 10). C Supayah, former vice-chairperson of the branch gave three reasons why they abandoned MIC. First, Zulkifli Noordin being picked as Shah Alam candidate. Second, they disapproved the candidacy of Nawawi Mohd Min in the Batu Tiga state seat as he had led the “cow-head protest” in 2009. Third, Ibrahim Ali in Pasir Mas.

Najib’s decision-making prowess is obviously non-existent. Of all the choices that he has made when picking candidates to represent BN, Zulkifli’s selection stands out like a sore thumb. He is not even a member of any of the parties under BN unless you include Perkasa. The point is, Najib does NOT have to include Zulkifli – he was under no obligation, no compulsion, no pressure at all. So if Zulkifli was the chosen one, it says a lot about Najib and what we can expect if BN wins GE13!

Looking at Najib’s choices, I fully agree with Zulkifli when he said “I am living proof of Najib’s transformation program.” Under the Najib regime the country has become very intolerant and some fellow citizens spew hate and promote violence. To be sure, Zulkifli is nothing more than a blue blemish. But what he represents – more so, when he is strongly supported by UMNO with its ubiquitous influence and pervasive power – can destroy Malaysia!

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Patrick said...

The situation mentioned above is a clear cut, textbook case of management styles gone wrong. Najib's administration and the rest of the other past PMs should provide for a good case study on various management styles and their consequences. Perhaps Sunway or other institution of higher learning should develop this case study in their executive management programs so as to prevent further warped-thinking management grads from tainting our public administration, because thats the only place they will be employed....

Maybe Najib should take cue from the main protagonist in the movie 'Sexy Evil Genius'. The plot and story line is so well written and acted out, it was pure thrill-iagra....