Friday, April 19, 2013

Fertility and the Kilt

I really think this is an interesting piece of research. Men who wear kilts are more fertile – because their sperm are cooler. Yes, kilts help lower the temperature of a man's groin – this in turn improves the quality of his sperm. And kilts also provide psychological benefits as traditional dress 'makes men feel masculine and admired'.

This research, published in the Scottish Medical Journal, said: It seems plausible that men should wear skirts and avoid trousers, at least during the period during which they plan to conceive children.’

The Scottish kilt is a male garment that resembles a knee-length skirt. Depictions of men wearing the kilt date back to the 17th century. Nowadays it tends only to be worn for special occasions.

However, the study said that there are moves to reintroduce the kilt as a casual form of clothing, even outside of Scotland.

But here's the thing! Despite the research pointing to Scottish men being more fertile than most, statistical data has in fact shown that sperm quality is declining in Scotland! I am sure there are other factors to consider. Anyway, I agree that men should start wearing the kilt or the sarong or even a dress. Let's make it fashionable!

Yesterday, I was at the Pesona Toastmasters meeting in Kuala Lumpur – together with fellow Toastmasters, Nawal Lyana and Nurdina Kasim and we had a great meeting. Speeches and evaluations were all excellent – the hallmark of a good Toastmasters meeting. I evaluated an Advanced speech delivered by the club president and Nawal gamely took on the role of a Timekeeper. Nurdina meanwhile, was paying rapt attention to the proceedings because later in the evening, she will be the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening for the very first time at our own Sunway University Toastmasters meeting. And we even started on time! Wow! I would give this meeting a score of 8 over 10!

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