Friday, April 26, 2013

MCA Going the Way of the Dodo

The death knell for MCA has ominously sounded. MCA is going into GE13 in a very weakened state. MCA will be contesting 37 parliamentary and 90 state seats (versus 40 seats and 90 state seats in the 12th general election).
Even before a single vote has been cast, MCA has already raised the white flag on three parliamentary seats (i.e. Gelang Patah, Kuantan and Wangsu Maju). And it is not as if they lost to the opposition; they gave away the seats freely to UMNO. That’s what a lackey is supposed to do – obey the master!

Today, MCA is scrambling to win enough seats to have some measure of credibility. I won’t use the word ‘respectability” because it has lost it a long time ago. But it is increasingly difficult for MCA because 99% of the Chinese voters have turned their backs on the party. And why shouldn’t they? Who amongst the Chinese are still stupid enough to vote for MCA?

This video clip is dedicated to those who are still with the MCA:

Hopefully, MCA members will ask again and again: Why MCA? And then they will roll over and die quietly! The same way the dodos died in the treacherous mud flats a long time ago.

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There is this popular belief that dodos were always too dumb to live, even 4,000 years ago. But my colleague, Sri Bala has this theory that the dodos weren’t extinct. They evolved to become MCA Chinese! Their lack of guile is so obvious – just talk to Liow Tiong Lai, Kong Cho Ha, Donald Lim, Ng Yen Yen and the others and you cannot help it but be reminded of the dodos!
GE13 is going to see the annihilation of MCA. And just when the going gets tough, MCA president Chua Soi Lek had already run away fast and furious! That’s why he is not contesting. I don’t blame him – how to challenge the might of the DAP? It’s better to flee with his tail between his legs than to suffer an inglorious defeat!

To Chua, defeat is disgrace. And just like Najib Razak, Chua too, will be destroyed by defeat. Game over, MCA!

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