Monday, April 8, 2013

Mahathir Mohamad Endorses Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali

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Supposedly some 2,000 people had gathered in a Perkasa rally on Saturday in a show of strength against Pakatan Rakyat ahead of a crucial general election. The personalities who graced the event included former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, former Inspector-General of Police Rahim Noor, businesswoman Ummi Hafilda Ali, leaders of anti-Anwar Ibrahim group Tibai, Selangor BN vice-president Noh Omar and Selangor BN coordinator Mohd Zin Mohamed.

This is the case of birds of a feather flocking together.

And it doesn’t matter if Najib Razak was there or not – UMNO’s alter-ego is Perkasa and the presence of BN Selangor stalwarts at this particular rally provided irrefutable proof. After all, Najib is the BN Selangor election director and I am sure he approved of their participation.

Mahathir even put the Perkasa president on a pedestal. He had described Ibrahim Ali as a “selfless” politician. Mahathir explained: “He set up Perkasa not because to promote himself, but to campaign for BN. I think he is a man who deserved to be given a position. I will advise Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to give him a position”.

Yes, you heard it right! Mahathir had endorsed Ibrahim as the BN candidate for Pasir Mas, Kelantan. In fact, he said he will campaign for Ibrahim.

Furthermore, Mahathir had called rally participants to "give the victory to BN and Insya-allah (God-willing), Selangor will be safe." He pleaded: "I am here to help save Selangor. Selangor is the richest state in the country and we should hold power in such states".

The audacity of this man who was once Malaysia’s prime minister! Would God bless a government that is corrupt? Between the two Menteri Besars Mohamad Khir Toyo and Abdul Khalid Ibrahim – who was corrupt? And why did Mahathir wish for UMNO to hold the reins of power in Selangor? So that UMNO-putras can ransack and loot and plunder “the richest state in the country” at will! Under Khalid, many UMNO elites were impoverished.

And just so that Malaysians know what Perkasa stands for – Ibrahim in his speech repeatedly accused Anwar Ibrahim of being a transsexual, saying that the latter should change his name to “Anwar bin Buntu” (buttock), while praising Rahim for punching Anwar when the latter was under police remand.

Can you support Perkasa? UMNO? And by extension, BN? And Najib? The choice is simple. Vote them all out when GE13 comes!

In yesterday’s EPL match between Liverpool and West Ham, both teams played to a scoreless draw. I am no longer having any expectations because as long as Brendan Rodgers is in charge, we are doomed.

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Patrick said...

The Croods is an excellent animated movie worth watching. Reading the news and watching the news of TDM supporting Ibrahim Ali reminds me immediately of The Croods. You have all the cavemen and cavewomen gathering to utter grunts, snorts and praises of the king of the cavemen by an aging caveman. They all decided to build ever bigger fires in their smaller caves. No wonder the Neanderthals went extinct......

Except The Croods is a thoroughly enjoyable animated movie with lots of wits in a caveman family's trials and tribulations.