Sunday, April 21, 2013

Go-ahead for the Rocket

DAP candidates contesting GE13 filed their nominations on Saturday, using their rocket symbol – and not on PAS or PKR tickets. The Registrar of Societies finally sent a letter to the DAP at 10 PM on Friday giving the party the go-ahead. But the damage is already done and BN will pay for it.

In case, Malaysians still wonder where UMNO’s sentiments are with regard to Perkasa, it can be confirmed that UMNO and Perkasa are one and the same. It is not just Zulkifli Noordin but Ibrahim Ali too earns the opportunity to contest in the Pasir Mas parliamentary seat as a BN-friendly independent. This came about following the engineered withdrawal of the UMNO-chosen candidate, i.e. Che Johan Che Pa, the Pasir Mas UMNO division deputy chief. He came to the nomination center on Saturday but he decided not to file his papers.

This is a first for UMNO where the official candidate removes himself from an electoral contest in order to make way for the person openly endorsed by Mahathir Mohamad. A clever back door strategy because with Ibrahim as an independent, UMNO can pretend that it has nothing to do with him. But in actual fact, UMNO has given him safe passage and with it, all the support that Ibrahim needs to ensure his victory.

It is not important to know who ordered the candidate to pull out. I suspect both Mahathir and Najib Razak planned this. Anyway, let’s see how many votes Ibrahim Ali will garner this time. The last time he stood as an Independent was in 2004, when he scored only 15 percent of the total votes cast.

I suppose Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy will be going to Pasir Mas to campaign for the Perkasa chief since he has joined forces with BN. Also Kelantan MCA chairperson.Ng Yen Yen will do likewise. Strange bedfellows, aren’t they?

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