Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Even Retired Generals are Battle-ready

Five retired generals who have joined Pakatan Rakyat are all ready to bring out their “firepower” to battle the BN government in the coming GE13. The five are former deputy army chief Lt-Gen (Rtd) Abdul Ghafir Abdul Hamid, former chief of logistics at headquarters air logistics Brig-Gen (Rtd) Abdul Hadi AlKhatab, former chief of staff logistics Navy fleet headquarters Rear-Admiral (Rtd) Imran Abdul Hamid, former director of the Army Corps of religion Brig-Gen (Rtd) Najmi Ahmad and chief of staff of army, Gen (Rtd) Md Hashim Hussein.

These retired generals, who feel the BN government has neglected the armed forces personnel, are hoping to bring about political change through the ballot box. They will be contesting in parliamentary seats and are keen to debunk the public perception that the armed forces have always been supporting the BN in past general elections.

Both Ghafir and Hashim are slated to contest in the Johore constituencies of Pasir Gudang and Johor Baru respectively. Imran and Hadi are likely to fight it out in the parliamentary seats of Lumut and Tanjung Malim in Perak, respectively while Najmi in Baling, Kedah

Ini kali lah! Storm the Bastille to bring down the BN regime!

Colleague Madeline Tan’s contact at Unilever paved the way for me to meet up with the company’s marketing people, including their Marketing Director, Herry Budiazhari. The SUBS Department of Business & Marketing is wanting industry collaboration and we are studying the possibility of integrating a Unilever Case Study into the syllabus of the course I am teaching this semester, i.e. Marketing Management. It was indeed a useful discussion.

Herry also took the opportunity to offer an apology on behalf of his company for the “discourtesy” (I am putting this very mildly) that I had endured since 7 years ago. With a simple handshake, my boycott of Unilever products ended.

Afterward, I went to MidValley Cititel to attend the MidValley Toastmasters meeting. Unlike the unhappy episode that I experienced at the last meeting, this time it saw a great attendance (42 people came!) and there were four prepared speeches – I was particularly impressed with the Ice Breaker speech by newbie Emily Teh – and the evaluations were all top-notch. It was really great to see MidValley Toastmasters Club back on its feet. A wee complaint – the meeting started 5 minutes late, but it still finished on time. Overall, I have enjoyed the meeting and my score is a 7 over 10.

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