Thursday, April 11, 2013

Malaysia's Polling Day

Yesterday, the Election Commission announced Polling Day.
  • Polling on May 05
  • Nomination day on April 20
  • Advance voting (armed forces/police) on April 30
  • 15-day campaign period
  • 13,268,002 eligible voters
  • 222 parliament and 505 state seats (except Sarawak) up for grabs
  • 8,789 voting centers
  • RM400 million to run GE13

  • A wee advice to women voters. Don’t get that manicure before going to the ballot box. The EC told voters not to get their nails done before polling day, as their fingernail will be stained with the indelible ink. BTW, the ink would be applied starting from the first joint of the left index finger, up to the tip of the fingernail. And the ink could not be removed even with a nail polish remover – it would remain on a finger for up to five days. A little inconvenience but we should be proud to show that we have exercised our right to vote.

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