Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nazir Gives Thumbs-up to Najib

The endorsement of Najib Razak from his brother is not surprising. In a Bloomberg Television interview, CIMB Group Holdings Bhd chief executive officer Nazir said: “The present prime minister has a very clear path forwards in terms of the transformation of the economy. If there’s a change there, it would disappoint investors and they would have to re-look at their view of Malaysia.”

After all, blood is still thicker than water. Besides, what did you expect Nazir, the head of Malaysia’s second largest bank to say? And what transformation of the economy is he talking about? What clear path? What cock!

It is noteworthy to mention that according to data compiled by Bloomberg, CIMB has been Malaysia’s biggest debt arranger and most prolific underwriter of initial public offerings for the past four years since Nazir’s brother became prime minister.

Anyway, a change in the Government is always a factor that many investors in any country would have taken into account before making an investment. Why should Malaysia be any different? Unless if that investor carries out his business by arranging many personal favors or making 'contributions' to the current regime, then he will definitely be 'disappointed' if there is a change.

I daresay that more investments will flow in because the country under a PR government will be free from corruption, cronyism-related contracts and selective and/or negotiated tenders! Nazir, please, not all Malaysians are stupid, okay?

Genuine investors will surely be interested in this country once more because we will have an environment that is transparent, accompanied by good governance and minimal government intervention.

On Tuesday, some SUBS members celebrated Sri Bala’s birthday by throwing him a lunch at Canton-i in Sunway Pyramid. Check out the photos below:

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