Saturday, March 23, 2013

Malaysians Want Clean Elections

With GE13 around the corner, Malaysians are rightfully concerned about the integrity of the electoral rolls, as the video clip below suggests. The need to clean up the electoral rolls is very necessary if we are to have clean elections! Isn’t that what Bersih is all about?

On Wednesday, I received a text message from fellow Toastmaster and friend Emil Anthony to which I promptly responded by making a short journey to Subang to attend the MAS Finance Toastmasters meeting. It was nice to catch up with Zasman Mohd Ghulam again and even the irrepressible Stephen Fernando was also there. Thanks to Emil, I was roped in to be the reluctant General Evaluator.

And after the meeting, I next went to Level 1, KPMG Tower to attend the CIMA Toastmasters meeting. It was nice to come to a meeting where for a change, I don’t have any meeting roles – I could just sit back and listen to the speeches and evaluations.

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