Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Iraq - A Costly Mistake

If anybody needs convincing that war is futile – then the soul-searching about Operation Iraqi Freedom would have amply illustrated that the Americans and their lackeys who went to war in Iraq to dethrone Saddam Hussein from power had devastated a country and plunged neighboring states into an intense environment of security competition.

Ten years on after the “shock and awe” and after American troops have gone home – it has not achieved anything for the superpower. This adventure had cost almost 4,500 American lives and an estimated $1 trillion (RM3.11 trillion) outlay. It is true that America did not show enough strategic patience with politics in Iraq – the wasted lives and wanton destruction in that country alone speak of the Iraqi pain and suffering that is likely to persist for a long, long time.

These are the discredited dingbats:

George W Bush

Tony Blair

Dick Cheney

Donald Rumsfield

Paul Wolfowitz
Ahmed Chalabi

Najib Razak is an invertebrate. A scaredy cat. A yellow-bellied poltroon. Even until today, he has not called for the dissolution of parliament so that GE13 can be held. The whole country is waiting with bated breath.

It looks like the state elections may go their separate ways – unless the coward becomes decisive. The Negeri Sembilan state government’s mandate expires next week Tuesday (or some would argue, midnight Wednesday). The following month is Pahang’s turn (April 07), Johore (April 20), Selangor (April 22), Perak (April 24), Malacca (April 26), Perlis and Kelantan (April 28) and Sabah (April 29). Penang and Kedah would go the same way on May 02 and Terengganu on May 05. [Sarawak already had theirs on April 16, 2011 the next state election is only due in 2016].

Pundits have described GE13 to be the toughest electoral battle BN would endure and it is surely not a pleasant prospect for this pea-brained prime minister.

But we will have our GE13, come what may. And when Najib loses, Malaysians will rejoice. Nobody would shed a single tear for him. A prime minister who has been on probation since he ousted Abdullah Ahmad Badawi with the surreptitious support and artful assistance of Muhyiddin Yassin and Mahathir Mohamad. I cannot wait to witness his downfall. Najib is ineffectual. Useless. Good-for-nothing.

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