Monday, March 18, 2013

Americk Sidhu's Bombshell

A quick intro. P Balasubramaniam (above), the witness in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial, died of heart failure on March 15. Bala, 53, shot to fame when he issued a statutory declaration showing prime minister Najib Razak's links with the late Altantuya. He then issued another statutory declaration denying the first one, before disappearing from public view – he had been banished to India. In any case, he returned to Malaysia on February 24, 2013, vowing to expose more details of Najib's alleged involvement in the murder saga but not before affirming that the first statutory declaration he made in 2008 was the truth.

And here's the shocker. Bala’s lawyer, Americk Sidhu – during the Bar Council annual general meeting on Saturday – dropped a bombshell that could well shake Malaysia's corridors of power. He claimed that he had met the author of the second statutory declaration, lawyer Cecil Abraham, who confessed to him that he had done so, not on Bala’s instruction but on the instruction of then deputy premier Najib! Americk said he made this admission as a mark of respect for the sacrifices made by his client, who had fought so hard and suffered so much only because he believed what he was doing was right.

It takes a man of courage like Americk Sidhu to do the right thing. Will Cecil Abraham do the right thing? Will the police and the Attorney-General do the right thing? Najib, what say you?

Yesterday, some members of SUBS gathered at Souled Out in KL’s Desa Sri Hartamas to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! And guess what? Ann-Marie Sidhu even got into the spirit of things and sang Seven Drunken Nights, a humorous folk song that tells the story of a gullible drunkard returning night after night to see new evidence of his wife's lover, only to be taken in by increasingly implausible explanations!

Here’s the song that was most famously performed by The Dubliners:

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