Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Sarawakian Tale of Corruption

An undercover video reveals the manner in which Sarawak's vast natural resources are being sold for profit by the powers-that-be, and the corruption involved:

This investigation by a London-based NGO, Global Witness reveals the systemic corruption and illegality at the heart of government in Sarawak, Malaysia's largest state. This film reveals for the first time the instruments used by members of the ruling Taib Mahmud family and its local lawyers to skirt Malaysia's laws and taxes, creaming off huge profits at the expense of indigenous people and hiding their dirty money in Singapore.

Of course, Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud predictably said the video was an attempt to frame him. He has no guilt at all – so we cannot expect him to feel even an iota of remorse or even to confess that he has looted his state!

I say, let's not be quick to point the finger at him. Why should he feel blameworthy? If Sarawak belongs to him, he cannot be accused of plundering, can he? What do Sarawakians have to say about this? Who has the rights to the state? The people or the Taib clan?

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