Friday, December 21, 2012

Sigh, the world didn't end!

Today is December 21, 2012, time 12:34 AM. Since I am hitting the keys right now, it means that the world as we know it continues to exist. I told you I didn’t believe in it but at the same time, I am a wee bit disappointed that the world didn’t end. I will have to start marking my exam scripts and this is a chore that I dread doing.

On Wednesday, a British court quashed accidental death verdicts returned after ninety-six Liverpool fans were crushed to death at Sheffield's Hillsborough football stadium in 1989. The police is launching a new investigation into the disaster and this follows the publication of a damning independent report in September that absolved the fans of blameread my blogpost at this link

Still talking about football, let us look at the FIFA rankings for December that were published on December 19. They show that Malaysia has improved! The country is now ranked No. 158 (versus No. 163 in November) – but it still loses out to its neighbors Vietnam (No. 131), Thailand (No. 136), Philippines (No. 147), Singapore (No. 154), and Indonesia (No. 156). But we are better off than four other ASEAN countries: Myanmar, Laos, Brunei and Cambodia. If you know your football, we are not in a good position at all. Footballing in Malaysia is really in dire straits and I don't see our fortunes changing anytime soon.

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