Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The UMNO Circus

Did you read about UMNO delegates shedding copious tears over Tokyo UMNO Club rep Arif Yassir Zulkafli’s rendition of Anak Kecil Main Api, a song that bemoans the fate of Malays for being sidelined in their own country? One is not wrong to say that the song hints that the “pendatangs”, i.e. the non-Malays are the ones who have deprived the Malays of their land and wealth.

Lyrics like “Air mata darah bercampur keringat. Bumi dipijak milik orang” (Shedding tears and blood mixed with sweat. The land we stand on, belongs to someone else) are so put-on, so plastic and so phony. After 40 years of the NEP, I cannot believe that the Malays are still crying over the loss of their land and wealth! This is just so incredibly amazing!

Obviously, UMNO members are blind. They cannot see that it is their own leaders, the so-called champions of the Malays who are the villains! It is this privileged clique of crooks, who in indulging in corruption, are depriving their own brethren.

Anyway, this was merely a sideshow. The UMNO general assembly actually served as the platform for Najib Razak and his sidekicks to pull the wool over members’ eyes in order that they can maintain their grip on power. In this respect, they have succeeded if we believe in the press reports that members are steadfast and solid in their support for Najib.

An interesting point to note is that this year’s entertainment from the UMNO circus is different – Najib was practically begging his audience to “give us another term”. I don’t recall any previous UMNO leader has ever stooped low as Najib had! His pleadings were pitiful! He even appealed for UMNO members to pray hard to God in order to win the general election. Strange that he is turning to God at this time!

It was a typical EPL game for Liverpool – the Reds had the better of the chances but they just couldn’t convert them into goals. Only in a fortunate situation in the forty-third minute did Liverpool earn the precious three points when center-back Daniel Agger headed in Glen Johnson's cross. Liverpool 1, Southampton 0.

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