Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Game of Deception Part 2

Lynas continues to thumb its nose at Malaysians when Lynas executive chairman Nicholas Curtis declared yesterday to business paper Wall Street Journal that that the company’s operating licence does not require it to ship out of Malaysia any residue produced from its refinery in coastal Gebeng.

Gasp! If this Aussie is not fibbing, then the four government ministers certainly did! The photos of these idiots are shown below – just in case, you have the urge to tar and feather them if you chance upon these imbeciles still insisting on masquerading as intelligent men:

But in typical Malaysian cover-up mode, the Malaysian Cabinet on the same day huddled together to endorse the foursome's ministerial statement issued on Monday instructing Australian miner Lynas to ensure all residue and by-products from its rare earth refinery are removed from the country.

Well, okay, this is yet another flip-flop. Wait a sec! Doesn’t that make Maximus Ongkili look extremely stupid? [Didn't you read my post yesterday?] But then again, isn’t that why it is so easy to plunder Sabah even when there are not one, but four Sabahans sitting in the federal cabinet? I am beginning to wonder if these people have pea soup in their brains or they are willing accomplices to larceny on a grand scale. You figure it out yourself. Anyway, that is another juicy story; let me come back to Lynas Malaysia.

I didn't want to make Maximus look worse than he already was and so I left out his smart-aleck response in my post yesterday. "We are smart enough, we are not stupid people lah", he had said probably referring the stand he took on Lynas. Methinks, people who are smart don't need to shout they are smart. And if he is really smart, he wouldn't be pro-Lynas in the first place. In fact, that remark accentuates his stupidity even more.

Didn’t Curtis also say that Malaysia is treating Lynas as a “political football” ahead of the country’s election that must be called by April 2013? Poor man – takkan he only knew it yesterday? Malaysia Boleh, wad!

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