Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Palanivel Begs for Money and Promises Votes

MIC president G Palanivel (above) promised in his speech on Sunday that his party can bring back at least 600,000 votes to the BN. And just as quickly, he asked the prime minister for more money in order to deliver his Indian fixed deposit.

MIC’s Annual General meetings are well-known for their bombast and this year’s 66th edition is no different.. But it is also a place where shameless Indians beg. Palanivel indecently asked Najib Razak for RM500 million (The Sun, December 10, 2012, p 2) and he didn’t even bat an eyelid.

The other standard gimmick of this year's political gatherings that BN component parties organized is the Pakatan Rakyat-bashing that went on. The belligerence is overpowering. Not to be outdone, Najib launched a stinging attack against the opposition by repeating the word “tipu” (cheat) more than 20 times in his 30-minute speech referring to the opposition pact when he officiated the assembly. He must be really terrified of the prospect that BN can lose the upcoming election. And he “told” the Indians how important they were when he avoided dwelling on issues confronting the community. To Najib, his own political survival is more important, to hell with the Indians.

Yesterday, I was at the fifth floor of Cititel MidValley for the MidValley Toastmasters Club meeting. I took on a double role – as a Table Topics Evaluator and a Speech Evaluator. If I must make a comment, it is that members must take the initiative to work on their English. Perhaps the person preparing the meeting agenda can be more selective as to whom she chooses to take up that role. There’s also nothing wrong to look externally for that role-player. Overall, I would give this meeting a score of a 6.5 out of a 10.

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