Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Venice Under Water

Photograph by Stringer/Italy, Reuters

Photograph by Marco Secchi/Getty Images

A tidal wave of ugly weather lashed northern and central Italy bringing with it heavy rains. Venice was flooded and Sunday's level reached 58.66 inches (149 centimeters) . By Monday, seventy percent of Venice was under five feet of water. It was the fourth time since 2000 that the city had been submerged by record floods. Residents wading through waist-deep water and tourists in swimsuits sitting at café tables under the water are a common sight.

As climate change makes extreme weather more frequent, can we say for certain that cities such as Kuala Lumpur will not experience the same fate? Already, flash floods are common whenever it rains.

Another lunch in Sunway Pyramid, this time at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant to celebrate the birthdays of Manjeet Kaur and Caroline Yap. On Monday. See photos below:

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