Monday, November 26, 2012

UMNO Organizes Women's Protest

Somebody gave me a torn-off page from the New Straits Times (November 24, 2012, p 7) that also carried the news about the demo by the Selangor single mothers – read my blogpost dated November 25, 2012. It seems that five UMNO assemblymen (i.e. Abdul Shukur Idrus, Kuang; Mohd Isa Abu Kassim, Batang Kali; Johan Abdul Aziz, Semenyih; Satime Diman, Seri Serdang and Badrul Hisham Abdullah, Pelabuhan Klang) were at the forefront of the said protest. I bet you they gave the women more than just moral support. So now the agent provocateurs have revealed themselves. I had erroneously given Murtini Kasman credit that she obviously didn't deserve.

If Najib can assume the role of Women Affairs, Family and Community Development Minister, so too can these men lead a women's protest!

In the SPL match between Celtic and Inverness, Billy McKay’s 64th goal gave the latter a shock 1-0 win over lackluster Celtic.

And when Liverpool played yesterday, it was again a game of missed chances. When the final whistle was blown, the Reds could only manage a goalless draw against Swansea City.

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