Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tough Times

I had refrained from reporting crime news because things are not getting any better. This morning I was told by Haslan Ali of a break-in at his Kota Kemuning house by armed robbers on Thursday. And I read somewhere that, on Friday, a robber had clubbed a woman with a baton and punched her with a knuckle duster before taking off with her handbag just outside her home in Petaling Jaya’s Section 10. Foong Yoke Har underwent minor surgery this afternoon.

Certainly, crime in Malaysia is soaring. And now even anchovies or ikan bilis (left photo) as they are known here have been targeted! Last Saturday, an armed gang held up local fishermen at a fish-trapping platform off Inderasabah in Tawau, Sabah and made off with 40 kg of the fish (worth about RM300). Sigh, what is this country coming to?

Still on Sabah. Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Liew Vui Keong told Parliament on Wednesday that the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the issuance of citizenship to illegal immigrants in Sabah had begun its task and just had their first meeting. I am thankful for this small miracle and for sure, Sabahans are holding their breaths in anticipation.

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