Sunday, November 25, 2012

Single Mothers Protest

On Friday, some 300 single mothers from Selangor showed how spunky and plucky and fearless they were by coming together to demonstrate in front of the Selangor State Secretariat building demanding the RM100 allowance as promised by PR during the 2008 general election. They were very clear in what they wanted. They were asking to be back paid 54 months’ worth of outstanding payments.

They were quick to insist that when a promise is made, it has to be honored. Besides as their 'leader' Murtini Kasman said, single mothers are the assets for Selangor. I find this statement bewildering because I don’t know why only they should be singled out as assets. I suppose that is her personal view and she needed to give her supporters a sense of self-importance, even if it is a false sense of self-importance. Why would these women abandon their home and/or work just to protest – as if they have nothing else to do? And who was minding the children? The demonstration seemed to show their desperation – obviously, they needed the money very badly and they are already at their wits' end. Bills must be piling up, poor single mothers!
I don’t know this Murtini but obviously, she had excellent organizational skills. And what about the logistics needed to get this demo organized?

The other thing I don’t quite understand is that it took these women more than four years before they realized that PR had supposedly pledged the money to them. I am also wondering who paid for the banners?

I suspect I will never know the answers to the above questions. Even if Murtini is reading this, I am not sure if she understands what I have written. My remarks are spiced with typical pungency that I am often said to possess in abundance. Okay, I should be nice and give her a break – she may be very well informed. She may even get the picture. And for all you know – if she had understood, she may be too thick-skinned to give a damn!

Liverpool must wait before they can take their place in the last 32 of the Europa League after allowing Swiss side BSC Young Boys to draw 2-2 at Anfield on Thursday. No comment.

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