Thursday, November 15, 2012

Najib Cheapens Deepavali

Did you read The Sun yesterday? The front page trumpeted Najib Razak’s promise to scrap the Batu Caves condo project if BN wins Selangor in the next polls. If.

Maybe the prime minister suffers from amnesia – doesn’t he know that the project was approved during the BN’s administration of Selangor in 2007? I bet he knows but he chooses to ignore this fact. So typical of Najib.

Najib is crude, crass and churlish – he can be so lowbrow as to 'fish' for votes on a blessed day as Deepavali! He really has no shame. He is vulgar through and through. This perfidious politician who pretends to be the prime minister is a snake in the grass.

In this matter, BN is akin to the thief who was caught stealing and he is now promising to return what he stole if you can promise not to penalise him! Another way of looking at it is the thief asking for another chance so that he can steal again! He cannot help it, I suppose, because he has been habitually stealing from you all these years!

What appalling balderdash! Najib has just single-handedly cheapened Deepavali!

Last Monday, I was the General Evaluator at the all-women’s Crystal Toastmasters Club meeting. This is one Toastmasters club where members are really nurturing and supportive of one another. There is so much caring and loving. I think I shall opt for a sex-change operation so that I can be eligible to join this club. Great venue, great food, great fellowship and great meeting! What more can I ask for? I shall award this meeting an 8 out of a 10.

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