Monday, November 19, 2012

Malaysian Police Shame

I am sure we have all read about the unfortunate case of the 25-year-old female Indonesian worker who was allegedly raped on November 09, 2012 by three Malaysian cops, who had arrested her for not having the necessary immigration paperwork.

It is not just Indonesians who are fuming over this incident but Malaysians too feel the same. I think we feel more than that. We feel shame too.  

After all, rape is a serious criminal offence. 

That this vile crime was allegedly committed by the men in blue and in a police station has put the country's entire police force to shame because they have betrayed their calling. The Malaysian police have been greatly dishonored by the acts of three of their own and the country’s good name has been besmirched, tainted and defiled!

There is something seriously wrong with this country when law enforcers themselves willfully break the law! 

Malaysians already know that this was not an isolated incident. 

We know about the deaths that have regularly occurred in police lock-ups. We know about the rampage at the Bersih rallies by those who were in police uniforms but without names and identification numbers. We know about the former top cop who gave a 'black eye' to a former deputy prime minister when being on remand in police custody.

So what if it is gang rape? It joins a long list of ills that the police indulged in.

On Friday, the three accused Nik Sin Mat Lazim, 33, Syahiran Romly, 21, and Remmy Anak Dana, 25, were charged at the Butterworth Sessions Court. 

It is really an irony, is it not? We give them trust and they repaid us by gratifying their lusts.

I read also that thirty fellow officers came to court to give support to the accursed rapists. 

They must have applied leave from work. With so many away from their official policing jobs, I bet you there would likely have been a crime surge in Penang that day. 

Never mind lah! DAP controls the state government – so who cares?

The troubling questions are expeditiously surfacing. What actually goes on behind the safe doors of a police station? Are there other police officers who go on their ronda (patrol) to seek out luckless victims? More worryingly, what has become of our police force?

Now not only are Malaysians' perception of crime even more damaging; they don't feel safe at all with the police!

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