Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FGV briefly drops below IPO price

The share price of plantation giant Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) was traded below the issuing price of RM4.55 for the first time ever on Monday. Its share price opened at RM4.60 in the morning but dropped to RM4.53 at 10.46 AM before rebounding back.

At the 12.30 PM break, the last traded price was RM4.57 and at the end of the trading day, it closed two sen higher.

Is this an omen of worse things to come? You and I already know the answer but the government is in deep denial.

On early Sunday morning, the 7-km Run for Gold race took off. At least eleven hundred participants took part. SUBS were represented by thirteen members and I was one of them. I started and I completed the whole distance. And I wasn’t last, not even close to being last. Aye, I even sprinted the last 10 meters.

The best news is that the SUBS Concilium who organized this event raised RM24,000 for a noble cause!



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