Thursday, November 8, 2012

BN Dildos Embarrass Themselves

The Sun newspaper splashed this headline on its front page yesterday: “Minutes shock!” It has been irrefutably confirmed that all nineteen members who attended the full board meeting of the Selayang Municipal Council voted in favor of approving the Dolomite Park Avenue project in Batu Caves in 2007. [For background reading, digest my two posts on this subjectdated October 28 and November 01, 2012]. This includes Kohilan Pillay, the Gerakan jerk and perjurer as well as three MIC councilors, Rajakupal Sinnathamby, Jayakumaran Govindasamy and Rajandran Muniandy – they all supported the said condo project. The Sun had sighted minutes of the meeting held on November 29, 2007 where the four gave their ayes.

What can I say about these Gerakan and MIC dildos? If they were twice – no, thrice – as smart, they would still be stupid!

Last evening, I went into the city again. This time instead of driving on roads that are chock-a-block with traffic, I took public transport. It was convenient because I alighted at the Masjid Jamek LRT station. And my destination – No. 18 Jalan Tun Perak – was just next door and which was great! I was there to attend the OCBC Toastmasters meeting where I was slated to be one of the speech Evaluators. Four speeches were delivered and I was impressed with Monique Yong’s presentation – she related her experience as a barista at Starbucks. The other speeches were interesting too and I was glad that I accepted Area W1 Governor E Son Lee’s invitation to come and support this young Toastmasters club. My one complaint is that the club succumbed to the well-known Malaysian contagion, i.e. rubber time! The meeting started eight minutes late! Oh yeah, I nearly forgot – I was voted Best Evaluator.

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