Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bribery Attempt

A Malaysiakini report yesterday narrated the story of the family of the non-Muslim Orang Asli girl who was slapped for not reciting the doa at school was, in fact, seduced with cash in order to get them to withdraw their police report.

According to SK Bihai Parent Teacher Association deputy chairperson Arom Asir, he claimed that the family of Hassan Achoi was approached on November 07 and offered RM300 to retract the said report. A group of teachers from the school will contribute RM250 per child, and that the teacher who slapped the children would top up RM50 to the amount, making it RM300 per child.

The bribery culture is alive and well in our schools! UMNO can be proud of itself because even teachers indulge in this corrupt practice. These so-called professionals who should know better but didn’t should be compelled to take up Moral Studies.

I was in Bandar Puteri, Puchong last evening to attend the Puchong English Toastmasters meeting where I was invited to be an Evaluator. The Toastmasters at this club are really committed and membership is growing. Speeches were pretty good and so were the evaluations. And the reception I received was also warm and friendly. THis club meeting deserves a score of an 8 out of a 10.

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