Friday, November 23, 2012

BN Politics of Revenge

Selangor citizens, kindly take note! Selangor Opposition (read, BN) leader, UMNO’s Satim Diman (left) had smugly explained that the BN federal government DIDN’T make good on its promise to build a third bridge in Klang because the coalition was defeated in Selangor. Isn’t this a Janji Tidak Ditepati?

He was responding to Shuhaimi Shafiei (PKR-Sri Muda) who queried about BN’s promised bridge after Satim repeatedly hammered at the Pakatan Rakyat-led state government for its “unfulfilled promises”.

“It is difficult for me to answer... had the people of Selangor elected BN, it (meaning, the RM300 million bridge) would have been completed long ago, but the problem is we weren’t chosen,” he told the Selangor legislative assembly during the budget debate on November 20, 2012.

When it was pointed out by Shuhaimi that it was a federal project and BN was in fact elected as the federal government, Satim countered that the bridge was a state promise.

“At that time, BN was ruling Selangor and the promise was if we win (in the state) at the last general election, but we lost.

“Had we been chosen, our promise would be fulfilled, the answer is as simple as that. So now we challenge for Selangor to be given back to BN, then it can be done,” he said.

Now I ask Selangor folks – are there any of you out there who are still foolish and reckless and stupid enough to want to give Selangor back to BN in GE13? NO WAY-Y-Y!!!

On Friday, ten of us from SUBS went to The Dining Room, Fifth floor @ Sunway University for the “Jom Makan!!!” lunch. We wanted to support colleagues at the Center for Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Management – they are after all, a part of SUBS. The photos below show who were there!


Verdict: The nasi biryani was nice!

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