Monday, October 15, 2012

Occupy St Paul's

Four women, one in a wheelchair, burst into London’s St Paul’s Cathedral just before 4:00 PM yesterday and chained themselves to the pulpit as rallies took place around the world to celebrate the Occupy Movement's one year anniversary. The activists, all dressed in white, unveiled a message scrawled on an umbrella, reading: 'Throw the money changers out of the temple! Occupy'. [By 10:00 PM, the occupiers from left to right – Josie Reid, Tammy Samede, Siobhan Grimes and Alison Playford – had unshackled themselves].

A message on the group’s Twitter page claimed solidarity with Russia’s Pussy Riot protesters, who were jailed for a demonstration inside a Moscow church in February.

Also, hundreds of activists gathered outside the said cathedral to campaign against inequality and austerity. Occupy is alive and well!

Last Friday was Sunway University’s Graduation Day 2012. It was really swell to see my SUBS students graduating. Many SUBS lecturers skipped this event though – this is sad because when we are present on this momentous occasion, we honor our students. Isn’t this important?

Trace Liew Yee Mun

Leni Hung

Darren Chew

Arnold Wirakusuma

Phoebe Siow & Shin Yee

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