Monday, October 8, 2012

Najib Ignores Sarawak and Sabah

I had a re-look at Budget 2013 again and I muttered under my breath that I am most fortunate that I am not a Sarawakian or a Sabahan. This is not to belittle the people from the two states but it is most regrettable to note that both Sarawak and Sabah which are rich in natural resources plus the fact that they are contributing to the country’s coffers – yet their people remain largely impoverished. And this situation is unlikely to change with Budget 2013 because there is very little in store for them. Najib Razak had shown his disdain for the two states across the South China Sea. If these fellow Malaysians had any expectations at all, I am sure they will be disappointed, disenchanted and disillusioned.

Political pundits refer the two states as safe BN ‘vote banks’. Simply because Najib’s UMNO and BN maintain a stranglehold on support in these two states. Isn’t it time for Sarawakians and Sabahans to wake up and end their unyielding grip on power? Or do these people wish to prove the point that they as Sarawakians and Sabahans are different from peninsular Malaysians? That they are more docile, acquiescent, forgiving and tolerant? You still want to vote for Najib?

Let me say it again! Sack Brendan Rodgers! With him as manager, the Liverpool agony continues! The Reds showed their fine ability to struggle to win and they held Stoke to a 0-0 draw. This means they are thirteen points from the top spot and they lie only three points above the relegation zone.

SEE2012 has concluded and it was a success despite the constraints and the omissions! [If you are the many who didn’t know about SEE2012 – I don't blame you but you didn't read my blogpost at, did you? Sigh!].

Here are the photos showing some of the activities on Saturday and Sunday:

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