Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Funeral Colors

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I am still talking about the MCA AGM. The political party has abandoned its decades-old tradition of having white uniforms in favour of navy blue T-shirts – BN's colors – for the UMNO ass kissers attending the party's AGM. Chua Soi Lek even went so far as to show his foolishness when he intimated, this particular attire-type is their secret weapon. They hope to sink the opposition in GE13! What a joke!

I just realize that the Chinese don’t have a monopoly on intelligence – we do have dumb Chinese too! Like this Chua fella!

MCA members are going to sing the blues post-GE13! If there are still members, that is! I will even suggest that post-GE13, the remaining MCA members who are still not shell-shocked, can wear black. That would be appropriate – after all, to the Chinese, white, blue and black are funeral colors.

I didn’t realize the world has changed so much until I came across this interesting “quote’ on Sunday and I am sharing this with everybody!

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