Monday, October 15, 2012

Engaging the Community

For those who have missed Angela Yap’s talk at SEE2012, here’s a second chance to listen to her – an illuminating, invigorating and inspiring individual with impressive credentials to boot. Don't miss this opportunity! It's right here in Sunway this Thursday.

There is an interesting subject this semester at SUBS taught by fellow colleague, Jessica Ho. It is called Business and Community Project with the subject code BMB3205. Students are given an assignment task to conduct a brief interview with a community-based agency of their choice. In the interview, students are required to identify the critical challenges faced by this operation and solve one of those that have been identified.

I sat through the presentations on Friday that showcased the findings and actions taken by the students to help the community-based agency. Some of these agencies included Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, PT Foundation, PAWS, Befrienders, National Stroke Association and World Vision.

This subject provides an excellent platform for students to get engaged with the community at large by identifying with the said cause.  Jessica has done a great job and I am impressed.

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Shahira Najia said...

Of all the pictures, Ms Jessica looks the coolest :D