Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Insult Islam

Yesterday, some 200 PAS (and PKR) supporters gathered outside MCA headquarters in KL's Jalan Ampang to demand an apology from its president Chua Soi Lek over his reckless remarks that they deem hurtful to Muslims. The peaceful crowd also held up placards with the words ‘Jangan Hina Islam’ (Don’t insult Islam) and ‘Soi Lek wajib minta maaf’ (Soi Lek must apologize).

But whatever happened to UMNO members? What about Perkasa? KIMMA (Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress)? Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, the self-styled champion of Islam? Aren’t these people upset with Chua? Won't they be up in arms to protest against Chua? Why the silence? Please excuse me if I am questioning their faith.

Barcelona carved a dramatic 2-1 victory over Celtic in their pulsating Champions League Group G clash at Spain’s Nou Camp. But it was Celtic who scored first when Georgios Samaras headed into goal off a swinging cross (18). Andres Iniesta helped Barcelona to even the score (45), and Jordi Alba broke Celtic hearts when he stole in to put the finishing touch on a beautiful curling pass by Adriano Correia (90) to give Barcelona victory.

BBC Scotland’s Alasdair Lamont described Celtic as being “outstanding to a man”. Despite the disappointment, Celtic can be hugely proud of their side's display ahead of the return fixture against Tito Vilanova's side in Glasgow on November 07.

Celtic remain second in Champions League Group G on four points, with Barcelona leading the way after three wins from their three outings.

The Division G Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests were held last Sunday at Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya. I emerged as the second runner-up in the Humorous Speech contest. And I wasn't placed in the Evaluation Contest.

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