Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chua Soi Lek Belittles Islam

Last Thursday, Chua Soi Lek (left) again mocked Islam when he sensationally pronounced that the implementation of hudud would cost the country 1.2 million jobs. This obstinate mule has repeatedly countered PAS’ explanation that Islamic criminal law would not apply to non-Muslims by stubbornly insisting that it would have adverse affect on the economy and by extension all Malaysians. Mahathir Mohamad went the other direction by saying that hudud is unfair because non-Muslims escape the severity of punishments as dictated by hudud. You can see clearly from these two statements alone that these losers are using religion for their own political agenda.

And Chua’s careless remarks have the effect of making pro-establishment groups such as Perkasa get upset and the right-wing group, known for their boorish boisterousness, is now claiming it is haram for Muslims to vote MCA for its anti-Islam position.

The next day, even Prime Minister Najib Razak chose to remain mum over Chua’s tenebrous warning on the implementation of hudud.  "I don't want to comment," he had said. Didn’t I say Najib is gutless? But for a (supposedly) Muslim leader like Najib who had indicated that UMNO is the protector of Islam, by choosing not to comment means he is putting down his own religion. You can't get anymore hypocritical than this!

But seriously, I can only pity him. If hudud becomes a reality, we will find many limbless BN politicians on our streets. And Malaysians will know that finally, justice will have been served.

Malaysians must know that as long as Muslims form the majority, hudud is the next step. After all, hudud is part of syaria law. Yes, I daresay hudud is inevitable. It is just a question of when. And in case we start to point fingers at PAS, please be reminded that it was Mahathir who declared Malaysia an Islamic state on September 29, 2001! Even if many Malaysians considered this an arbitrary and unconstitutional act by the former prime minister, the notification was made nonetheless. And the venue was the Gerakan National Delegates Conference! Did UMNO minions whether they are from Gerakan or MCA object? Nay, they didn’t! They accepted it being the yellow bellies that they were.

BTW, Malaysians who are in denial mode should know that the spirit of hudud is already present in Malaysian syaria law. And it was UMNO who introduced syaria in Malaysia. Chua, you idiot, stop barking up the wrong tree!

In fact, Chua should be strung from the beam in my bedroom and hung from a rope until he is dead. This infidel dares to assail what is the most precious thing in the life of a Malay Muslim – his religion. And since Najib has also decided to seal his lips, maybe, he should join Chua too!

Oh wait a minute! Najib did say something. He said he didn’t want to comment. But what was worse, he actually rewarded MCA for taunting Islam. Didn’t he announce an allocation of RM30 million supposedly for the development of Chinese national-type secondary schools in the country at the MCA AGM? Is he conveying the right message to his audience? Or is he in cahoots with Chua in belittling Islam? The tomfoolery at this AGM is a lesson in puerile inanity.

Mahathir must always insist that he puts in the last word! He submitted yesterday that MCA's anti-hudud stance was merely to "scare" the Chinese, and noted the party did not object to his Islamic state declaration! ROTFL!

Actually, I am looking forward to GE13! And I want to see if any Malay will relinquish self-respect and support MCA candidates in the coming election! I maintain they will know what to do.  Goodbye, MCA! And good riddance!

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