Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AGM a Non-Event

MCA’s 59th AGM was a non-event. It turned into a Najib fan club gathering. It also became a platform to attack the opposition, especially the DAP.

Why this vulgar obsession with the DAP? Does this mean that MCA is actually fearful of the DAP? Their “Battle Without Fear” campaign to keep DAP from becoming part of the government is so silly, even stupid. Don’t they have policies and issues to discuss? It’s an AGM, for crying out loud! Why the single-minded emphasis on keeping the DAP out? Why is the MCA so passionate about wanting to keep power and position without an idea of what to do with this power and position?

It was not only rhetoric and polemics at the AGM. Even delegates’ attire carried messages meant to diss the opposition. Check out these photos:

The message MCA has for the Chinese is telling. MCA is bankrupt of ideas. In fact, this happened ever since Chua Soi Lek took over the leadership. When the party’s raison d’etre switches to defeating the DAP at all costs, then the party is really on its last legs. I predict that the MCA will face complete annihilation in GE13!

The MCA bag of tricks is almost empty. MCA is doomed!

On Saturday, I participated in an Oktoberfest event at Sunway Pyramid – at a German ‘bier bar and restaurant’ called Brotzeit. As oompah music thumped resoundingly, the patrons ate and drank joyfully. A great evening that was full of fun and merriment.



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