Friday, August 10, 2012

Utusan Promotes DAP Again

Yesterday, Utusan again front-paged a Bernama report that said that leaders of the Young Ulama Secretariat of Malaysia and Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia (Muafakat) also share the view that it is haram for Muslims to support the DAP.

Also highlighted was Himpunan Ulama Muda (Ilmu) chairperson Fadlan Mohd Othman, who also concurred and went on to argue that the DAP has been fervently anti-Islam.

What a cheap shot but then again, we are talking about this thrashy paper called Utusan. It would be incredulous if their readers actually swallow this BS unless of course, they are UMNO Malays, meaning they are really dead from the neck up. Okay, just in case there are these Malays reading this and they don't understand what the phrase means – in the simplest of language, "dead from the neck up" means, “stupid”!

And coming back to the first headline poser by Utusan the other day, Anwar Ibrahim yesterday leapt to DAP's defence by asking why the party was being demonised, when even the prime minister had said hudud will never be implemented in Malaysia (The Star, September 25, 2011).

Anwar is right. Even Mahathir Mohamad had once written a letter to the Kelantan Menteri Besar to reject the implementation of hudud in Malaysia.

The Malay broadsheet has for two days running front-paged clerics saying that it is haram to support the DAP as the party is anti-Islam. Now, who is fanning bigotry? No prizes for getting the correct answer!

I was at 1 Sentral in KL’s Jalan Travers on Wednesday evening to attend the PricewaterhouseCoopers Toastmasters meeting. After all, Sunway University’s Kenneth Ho was the General Evaluator and Undaarma Gansukh delivered her CC speech # 7. I was the Evaluator for a Toastmaster who did his Ice-Breaker and I also took part in Table Topics – and hey, no surprise here because I was duly voted Best Table Topics speaker. A good session and I would score this meeting a 6 out of a 10.

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